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Mattress Topper From Recycled Fibers - When Waste Jhut Turns Into Gold

Mattress felt is a product that is manufactured and compounded by textile recycled materials, which are perforated, producing a nonwoven material, without weave or scheme. It’s principally used to isolate the inside of beds and furniture, to provide higher durability and comfort. Other alternative necessary uses of this material are measuring noise or temperature isolation, systems of pipes, air-con, etc. it’s additionally used to manufacture blankets for horse saddles.

Key Features of ALLORA Mattress:

  • Elegant design.
  • Durable re-bonded base layer.
  • Hard & stick, specially comfortable & healthy for back pain.
  • Mattress supports your body weight and comforts your back and neck.
  • Higher quality quilted fabrics with soft fiber padding & foam.
  • Thickness of standard mattress is 2″ but any thickness required by customer can be supplied.

Benefits of ALLORA Topper (Toshok):​

  • Adds cushioning to your bed
  • Lightweight
  • Non allergenic
  • Hygienic
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-dust

Mattress pads or toppers (Toshok) serve the dual purpose of protection and comfort. This ALLORA topper (Toshok) adds a luxurious layer to your bed. ALLORA (Toshok) toppers are a thicker version of mattress pads enhancing or changing the feel of your bed.

The inner side of this topper (Toshok) is made of wastage jhute and synthetic fibers. This inner material is covered by a quilted fabric and that helps to make your bed feel softer and protecting it from damage.

Matttress topper - toshok

This thinner toppers (toshok) and easier to clean and some of even are washable. The toppers (Toshok) are attached to a fitted sheet, with zippers and preventing them from moving when you change sleeping positions. If you are looking to improve a bit of your comfort to your bed ALLORA topper (Toshok) can be one of the best option to use. 

ALLORA Mattress Topper / Toshok Size List

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